Our Story

Syversen AS, with its subsidiary Syversen International AB, a Nordic distributor of international brands of socks, tights, lingerie and underwear, with over 75 years of experience and more than 2,000 customers.


The portfolio of brands is quite impressive with a long list of iconic names such as Oroblu, Marlies Dekkers, Calvin Klein, Eton By Syversen, Muchachomalo and DKNY, to name but a few.


Syversen's position as distributor in the hosiery and underwear fashion is undisputed.


"The key to our success is the fact that we always deliver the right product at the right time", says Erik Syversen, CEO.


Syversen is very aware of the product-fascinated approach to building brands in Scandinavia, and in addition has a fundamental focus on creating success for the customers, mainly through the Syversen sales code: dialogue, partnership and service at all levels 


"For us, it is better to sell too little than too much.

When we receive a new order, we are only halfway.

We need to support, motivate and offer great service to our customers to ensure that they are truly satisfied."


Looking ahead, the coming years will bring significant growth and development, as a business and as a team! The focus is to further develop the Syversen brand recognition and understanding of what being a Syversen partner truly grants -> additional revenue and the possibility of strong profit with a wide range of the world's most powerful brands in our field!


"I like change. I like that there is something new, that the company, we as individuals and all of us as a team continually develop" says Erik. 

The vision includes creating many more memorable moments, increasing sales, doubling revenue, opening multiple new doors and strengthening the team spirit across country borders.



We do not just sell products, we sell ideas, positive energy, solid partnerships and increased revenue.

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