Note By Syversen


Syversen started the distribution of Eton Socks in the late 60's. It was originally a Danish brand, produced at Fyens Strømpefabrikk in Odense, Denmark.

Fyen's factory was one of the largest in the Nordic region, but perhaps most importantly - they collaborated with Camp Socks in the United States, and were therefore far ahead in product development and design.

Eton Socks produced high quality socks with lycra, in a wide range of colors and contemporary designs. We started with men's socks, launched Eton Lady after a few years and then Eton kids socks.

In addition to selling quality and design, we made a revolution in the trade industry with ideas from distribution in the grocery trade - Frequent and regular customer visits with delivery directly from our van.


We furnished the "Eton van" with metal shelving and drawers so that we could expedite the entire collection efficiently from the car to the customers. A full van held 30,000 pairs of socks.

We designed small floor racks that we placed in the stores and did not deliver more socks than would go on the rack. In addition, we took the socks that were not sold in return. We gave the customer a finished package - Quality socks, priced, hung on stand, no risk, high turnover speed and no handling costs. In doing it this way, we got close with both owners, buyers and those who worked in the stores, sometimes even with consumers, who all gave us a unique insight into what worked and what could be better. There was requests for socks in large sizes, some consumers thought the socks were too tight, cold winters gave more demand for wool, thicker socks and terry sole. We got the factory on board with the changes and Eton Socks gradually became a collection adapted to the Nordic market.



Fyens Stømpefabrikk closed production in 1980. We acquired the rights to Eton Socks for Norway, and the production was moved to Egtved Strømpefabrikk in Denmark. In the mid-eighties Egtved had no capacity to meet our demand and we moved parts of the production to Topeco Strømpefabrikk in Sweden. We also started with children socks, produced by Kymen Sukka in Finland. Egtved was sold to JBS, Denmark, which after a few years launched Dovre sock in the Norwegian market. Our supplier became a competitor, in the long term no sustainable situation, so we eventually found a good factory in Riga, Latvia where Eton By Syversen, and now Note By Syversen, is currently being manufactured.


Due to Eton shirts and Eton Fashion AB we are not allowed to sell the brand Eton socks outside Norway. Therefore, we are launching Note By Syversen in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics, and starting an exciting new chapter. Our first owned international brand, with the same DNA around philosophy, quality and design as Eton, produced by the same skilled people, but with a new fresh look and renewal of the brand name.



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